DESCRIPTION Neck Gaiter provides comfortable protection from the elements from sun to wind, dust, and insects. Can be worn multiple ways.

Designed long + engineered to be double layered.


Material: Comfortable and breathable: 4.1oz. Microfiber fabric feels super soft and moves with you but won’t cling or stretch out. Hemmed edges prevent curling; seamed in back. Moisture-wicking to pull moisture away from your face and neck. It dries quickly in use and after washing. Adapts to hot or cold conditions, releasing heat when it’s warm and trapping it in the cold.


Additional Info: UPF 50+ UV PROTECTION ANTI-ODOR: Zinc-based anti-microbial fabric technology fights odor to help you stay fresh.


DURABLE: Sun, sweat, and saltwater meet your match - color won’t fade from exposure to the elements. Machine washable, reusable.



Regular = Approximately 8" x 16"

L = Approximately 9.25” x 17.5"

Neck Gaiter x Glow

$20.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price